If you’re new to the term learning management system, we will help you explain why you might want to utilize an LMS in your educational establishment or business. We will help you with an overview of the features and benefits of a learning management system.

A learning management system is…

It is an online location or Web-based technology that helps you manage administration, documentation, training programs, tracking, reporting and delivering of courses, lessons and tests. The learning management system concept comes directly from e-Learning.

The best way to imagine a learning management system is to think of it as a gated website, that only those people with a log-in will be able to access. There are 2 modes in LMS: online and blended. It is used mostly to support learning by providing storage, assessments can be given, and students and teachers can interact using blogs, forums.

Online learning is when your students are based off campus and interact with online tutors while blended learning is where students and teachers meet physically like an actual school.
It is convenient to those people with hectic schedules. LMS is very flexible and you can do it using your laptop, tablet and even on your phone.

Many of us are utilizing the phone channel or mobile learning as they say, since its more convenient.

Three different types of user’s log in

  1. Admin Log in – They will be for administrators. It has more access and tools that you can use the learning management system like changing settings. You have more access than the other two log in.
  2. Teacher Log in – This is specifically for teachers. The tools are made for them like to assign work, receive completed work and results, and create assessments and courses.
  3. Student Log in  – This will be for the students. This is where they see the available courses offered. More details about contacting the teachers. This is where they will take their course and send the work after. They will receive their performance, feedback and the work they completed.

No matter what size your business is you probably need a learning management system today. It streamlines the education process making work faster and easier. Knowing millennia’s, they are motivated mostly with technology nowadays. Most learning management systems are built according to the business needs and it’s a big factor to a better quality of education, and higher results.

Five different ways to use a learning management system

  1. Onboarding: No matter what size your business is you can streamline your onboarding process with an LMS system like creating a welcome video and then move into frequently asked questions. You can include what to wear, how to clock in, who to contact for any questions and the introduction to the teachers that you will be working with. Getting to know them better so you can interact with them better. The Best thing about LMS is that you can use an online document signing program if you need the students to fill out forms. You can also include all different kinds of training needed like safety training. You can add more courses for the onboarding process depending on the lesson for students.
    You can hire a virtual assistant or a freelancer for documenting all your processes and putting them into a course.
  2. Tracking: You need to keep track of who has learned what and who still needs to be trained. Training in a central software like a learning management system allows you to do this as each person signs in to train you will be able to see what they’ve watched and how much they’ve watched and what they have not started yet. This is one of the best features of most learning management software, it will give you the ability to lock certain training until the students finished the lesson to keep them from jumping from one lesson to another. This is also to avoid getting confused. Another part of tracking is seeing if they actually understand what they learned by adding few quiz questions. If you see that everyone seems to be filling a particular quiz and a certain area of your training you will want to go back in and have a look and see how you can improve this area of your course.
  3. Continued education: Continued education is an important part of having great employees, procedures change software changes and people advance in the company with a learning management system. You will be able to go in and edit the part you need to as things change this safety is a time of having to create an entirely new training every time this will also ensure that people who are off work the day of the training can still get trained as soon as they return without disruption.
  4. Using your learning management system: Learning management system is a great knowledge base for your employees/students and so they will know just where to go when they have questions about anything they need to know and other HR frequently asked questions if there is a question that you get all the time it should be in that database. This will help those who wants a refresher on particular training.
  5. Reduction in cost: Setting up a learning management system for your business is not cheap. The initial set up depends on the size of the business, the number of positions and specialized training that you have for your employees . A Learning management system is a long-term investment that once it is up we’ll pay you back big time. It is like a new operating system which by the way you would need to train your employees to use learning management systems allow your employees to train anytime anywhere no more juggling everyone scheduled to try and find the right time if you work on a global scale or even with remote employees this is the perfect solution everyone can log in when it’s convenient for them and get trained.

Here are few Open Source Learning Management Systems

When you are decided that Learning Management Systems is what your company needs or educational institution needs. We have some ideas since teach management System is an essential tool for eLearning professionals. As mentioned above learning management system for your business is not cheap especially if you are looking for a robust, versatile LMS that can accommodate your eLearning development needs.

You need to choose wisely the LMS that is suitable to your needs. Consider the following questions as a guide.

• Is it mobile friendly?
• What is the quality of its user interface and does it have a supportive online community?
• Is it compatible to 3rd party plug-ins?

There are few LMS offer you the dynamic and flexible eLearning platform you need without making you go over your eLearning budget.

  • Moodle – Moodle is one of the largest open source teams in the world. It has full kit of features that allow not only corporates but also educators to create a private learning space online. It offers the tools to create more courses and a lot of activities you want and need. Best feature is the Moodle Mobile app and available for both Android and iOS. Make it more convenient for learning on the go. It also support community forums where you can get ideas, ask questions.
    Pricing start from $59 per year apart from the standard, free plan, there are premium options.
  • Chamilo – Chamilo is the best for improving access to education, the best feature is it aims the maintenance of a clear communication channel and the building of a network of services providers and software contributors. Its features allow users to easily create content, as they’re offered tools for all types of learners. Chamilo is also mobile-friendly, making it easy for users to choose their own pace and place for attending courses. For pricing you can check their website. No premium options available.
  • Open edX – Open edX works best in empowering learners to access course content including videos and textbooks. They can also check their progress in the course they took. They have a forum for your questions and can use an instructor dashboard. They have the open edX studio allows you for building your courses, creating structure and then adding content. You can also manage the course schedule and the course team, set grading policies, publish different parts of your course, and more.
  • ILIAS – ILIAS is made for developing web-based eLearning. Its cost effective in using new media in education & training and ensure the maximum level of customer influence in implementing the software, ILIAS excels in allowing users to create, manage, and track learning, doing so through supporting SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, and AICC standards.

There are a lot of LMS options that you can choose, always consider what you need. If you are willing to take the time to master all of its features it can offer you the opportunity to create and deploy eLearning courses. It is expensive and needs a lot of time to learn the feature, it will be well worth it in the end.